Privacy Policy

My privacy policy explains what data I may have, how I use it, how I store it and your rights.

For GDPR-related questions or requests please email

What personal information might I hold and how do I store it?

I only collect basic data that I need to be able to contact my customers and offer them the best service I can. This can include your name, email address, phone number and address. I collect this information only from you directly with your consent when you fill out mr forms or purchase from my website. I do not collect or retain any sensitive financial information.

I store all my data securely using GDPR-compliant third-party services (Microsoft Office, Dropbox, Google Drive).

How do I use your data?

The data I have I use to be able to contact you when you have given your consent for me to do so. I will not pass on your data to third parties or use your data for marketing purposes unless you have given consent for me to do so.

How long do I store personal data?

I aim to ensure that all the personal data I hold is up to date and relevant at all times. I review and update my contact lists regularly. I delete personal data that has become obsolete as soon as I am aware or when requested by the individual.

What are your rights?

You can ask me at any time:

  • To provide you with copies of personal data that I hold about you
  • To remove any personal data I hold about you
  • To amend all or some the data that I hold about you
  • To opt out of receiving communications from me


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